New year New healthier you.

Educating yourself is critical. You can take control of your life right here and right now. Read More

Tip of the day

Today’s tip. A days typical menu Breakfast. 2 eggs, and sausage or bacon. Coffee ( black) Water all day Lunch is usually easy for me as I make leftovers from last night’s dinner, and I know its already healthy, Snack. I drink Shakeology. This is where I get a lot of my nutrients. I Make Read More


The holidays are among us and we are busier than ever. But that is no reason to sabotage the great results we have already accomplished. I’m going to share 8 steps to help you stay successful. 1) Keep up on your fitness routine, If you do 4 days a week, 30- 40 minutes a day Read More

Beachbody on demand

Take the guess work out and trust the process. I used to think I knew what I was doing when I went to the gym. But my form was wrong or my diet was wrong, I wasn’t pushing hard enough and I just felt like I was going in circles and not making any progress. When Read More

Benefits of Me Time

How I spend my “Me Time.” I wake up an hour before I actually need to get up, not because I cant sleep, but because I know that is the only time of day I can get to myself. My “me time” Before I made the decision to get up early I didn’t seem to Read More

Time saving tips to help organize your day.

We all have those days where we feel like we are just trying to stay afloat from all the things we have to do Here are a few ways that I apply in my daily routine to help me.    Start your day with a few minutes of “me time”, Weather its to meditate or Read More


  Lemonana 1 serving Greenberry Shakeology ¾ cup organic lemonade ½ medium banana ¼ cup rice milk For the best taste experience, use a blender and add ice. The more ice, the thicker it gets. Feel free to use any kind of milk or milk substitute (almond, rice, or coconut milk)—the more milk, the creamier Read More

Simple VS Complex carbs.

  Did you know that not all CARBS are created equal?  It’s true. Let’s keep it real. There are Simple Carbs and there are Complex carbs.  Simple carbs like bread, cereal, desserts, Pasta or rice and soft drinks.    Why are they SIMPLE? * Because they are smaller molecules of sugar and they are digested Read More

21 Day Fix

  Know why most diets don’t work? Because they don’t make it easy to lose weight and keep the weight off. 21 Day Fix makes it simple to enjoy the foods you love—without calorie counting! Why it works? It’s not another diet. In fact, it’s EXACTLY the opposite. 21 Day Fix lets you EAT! Only in just the Read More

2B Mindset

 Preview video Now you can win the weight loss battle once and for all! The 2B Mindset is designed to help you lose weight happily so you can keep it off for good—without ever depriving yourself, counting calories, or even having to exercise until you’re ready! Created by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Ilana Muhlstein, the 2B Read More


 Preview video LIIFT4 is a no-nonsense combination of weightlifting and high intensity (HIIT) cardio to build muscle and scorch fat. The moves are based on classic lifting techniques that let you isolate, stabilize and focus each rep on the muscle group you’re working. Every workout ends with a core routine for a full body build and Read More

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