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12 Benefits of working out at home.

Have you been thinking about starting a workout routine? But you have so many thoughts running through your head as to why you just can’t go to the gym? well guess what, Its ok, Because there are just as many benefits to working out at home, In fact probably more, To name just a few

1. Working out at home can boost Your confidence For a lot of people, being at the gym magnifies insecurities. At home, you don’t have to feel like everyone is watching you awkwardly try a new exercise, judging the crazy amount you’re sweating (or that you’re not sweating at all), or what you’re wearing and how you look in it. There aren’t any girls in spandex, overflowing their sports bras to make you self-conscious. It’s just you, trying to be better than you were yesterday. And that’s all it should be about!

2. Working out at home Saves time Because guess what! You’re already there!

3. Working out at home You can wear what you want. you don’t have to get dressed up cute or even match your outfits when you get dressed. Wearing what you want saves money, time, and stress- hooray!

4. Working out at home fits in. Work around your schedule, once the kids get off to school or go to bed, any time that works into your day.

5.  Working out at home is cheaper and even sometimes free. Gyms can be expensive, you’ll have a monthly fee that a lot of times you’ll pay and then you don’t even go because time doesn’t even allow for it,

6. Working out at home gives you a sense of empowerment. Taking your health into your own hands requires a little creativity and knowledge, but it will empower you for life! You need to learn some exercises, the correct form to protect yourself, and what you like and don’t like. You’re no longer allowed to just go through the motions, or zone out on the elliptical machine. Just because you’re at a gym doesn’t mean you’re doing the exercises correctly.

7. Working out at home you can have a moment. Being a woman is hard, Sometimes you’ve had a day, and you may need a little release. At home, you can cry, get a little aggressive in your plyometrics, or allow your yoga cool down to get more meditative than you would in public. You have the option if needed, and that can help turn your day around!

8. Working out at home you will Set an example for your family, When they see you every day get up and take of yourself, they will remember that and also apply that to their lives when they are ready, they will see the changes. Remember you are planting a very important seed inside of them.

9. Working out at home you can listen to your music up loud. Some times you just wanna turn it up and dance and sing! enjoy your time with yourself because It is yours! Sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching!

10. Working out at home you can use your own equipment, there is no waiting in line for a machine or a set of dumbells, with only a few items you can have your own gym at home. Check out my Wishlist for all fitness lovers. Here are a few of my favorite tools of the trade  too, Seriously for little to nothing you can do this at home.

11. Working out at home you can be sure of better hygiene, Having a clean environment to work out because you never know if people have wiped down the equipment when they were done with it spreading their germs.

12. Working out at home You always feel better after taking a shower in your own space

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