21-day Challenge pack review. The truth about this package..

The truth about the Beachbody 21 day challenge pack.


In this review, I’m going to give you the nitty-gritty of exactly what results I got from the 21 day Beachbody challenge pack. Including photos and pricing,


Hi, My name is Lisa and I am an office assistant at a University. That means I have a desk job and I sit a lot during the day. That means I have a lot of stress,  And I’m over 50 and it was starting to show. I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror or how I was feeling. I felt fat and sad I was scared that I wasn’t ever going to be able to get my figure back because I didn’t know where to start. This was me at that time.Publication1

That means at my starting point I had a lot to do and learn.

I would see fit ladies at church and the store but couldn’t seem to figure out what they were doing. They must have not had a job where they sat all day though. Or they didn’t work at all and had time to spend hours at the gym.

That’s what I thought.


I gotta tell you I was so confused from all the information that’s out there about losing weight, getting healthy and getting fit. I thought it was all the same, a bunch of supermodels selling products that didn’t work. And I couldn’t afford it anyway.

I thought I knew what to eat and then I found out I could be eating the wrong thing.

I thought I would know what to do when I got to the gym. That only worked for a few days then I got lost in watching videos or wandering what to do next,

I never know what it was like to work with a trainer from start to finish. They were always an extra charge. I simply could not get the full true way to get the results and the health I was looking for.

I was sick of trying everything and getting nothing. 

A friend from church was on Facebook one day and asked me to join her 21-day challenge group. I had no idea what that was but I knew she was fit and healthy. I knew she knew how to get the results I was looking for. I watched her get them and I was amazed. So as scared and as skeptical as I was, I ask for more details. The last thing I wanted was another empty promise, But she was living proof of the results, That’s what I needed.

I didn’t expect overnight results and I didn’t get overnight results.

That’s how I felt before I purchased the 21-day challenge pack.

I had looked at reviews and there were a lot of positive results. But the best part was that I was not alone in this, My friend and a few of her friends were all in this group working out and then shared with each other. That was one of the biggest attracting things about this was that I was not going to be alone and would have friends to ask questions or cheer on. AND THAT PART WAS FREE!! I couldn’t wait to get started, So she sent me the link to purchase the 21-day challenge pack and I was immediately added into the group. Finally, I felt like this was going to get me somewhere. I had hope again.

What I didn’t plan on was getting everything I could absolutely need for success. And I did.

I got the best workout program that was tailored to me and my fitness level.   It came with a world-class trainer that showed me the correct form and guided me through each and every workout. 

I got a nutrition plan that was tailored to me and my needs, with a plan of not only what I could eat but also how much. 

As a normal part of losing weight and cutting calories, you will automatically lose nutrition as well so I also got that covered as well.

That was another secret weapon. The daily dense nutrition that helped my body get what it needed to run correctly so that I could lose the weight and not have problems with my stomach like with so many other diets. My hormones needed all the help they could get too. That was Shakeology.

Read my article on 5 reasons not to buy Shakeology and why I swear by it.

The secret weapon was the complete package, I was getting it all and for less than I would spend for a gym membership where they leave you hanging with some equipment, you know nothing about.

I mean seriously could I have finally found the keys to success? To say the least I was skeptical and didn’t want to throw my money at another program that was going to sit on my shelf. 

But my scale was 1 pound away from when I was 9 months pregnant with my 10-pound baby. And I was not pregnant. I was stressed. I had to do something, and she was willing to show me how.

Here are some of the girls’ results from this challenge group.

16864141_10155142790958395_5945269067818503091_n Amy, Stay at home mom, wife and grandma. lost 40 lbs and kept it off.


21df-rt-ss-f-annie-b-370-360-en-us-041519Annie, Mom of 2 works full time. Lost 8.6 lbs in 21 days.

21df-rt-ss-f-maggi-b-370-360-en-us-041519 Maggie lost 30 lbs in 2 months

64463193_2731854056879479_4084164713359867904_nCandace PHD student, and runner. Lost 30 lbs and 26 inches.

And me

16683900_10155142794153395_6646584394998114351_nI lost 30 lbs in 2 rounds.



All you have to do is commit to showing up for yourself. The program works.


Here is your next step.

Join my challenge group!!    The name of my group is Lift laugh and love. 

After we have completed getting you set up with everything you need you will be automatically added.

Are you ready? Lets get started! Chick here!



I will personally contact you within 24 hrs and walk you through the steps. You are no longer alone!

Or skip straight to the 21-day challenge pack. to get started today! I will still add you to my challenge group for that added support.

The cost of the challenge group is free, Its an added bonus to The complete package price of 160.00 .and its got a 30-day guarantee !!! Can you believe it?

See ya there!


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