Healthy Living. The basics

Are you ready to get healthy and just don’t know where to start?

Do you want to get healthy, eating clean and feeling great!

So many say they know they need to eat better but just don’t know what to eat, “I don’t know where to begin”.

There are so many choices out there and so many programs claim they are the healthy way to go but honestly, they are not. They merely cut your calories and as a result, cut your nutrition intake as well.

Eating healthy does not have to be scary or overwhelming and defiantly does not have to be boring.

Healthy living does not have to be hard.

I’m going to show you some tricks I use every day in my life that I feel will be very helpful.

  1. I plan my meals ahead of time according to the shopping add and what I already have in my freezer. Some people do shopping daily or weekly and that can run up the grocery bill. I do my meals for 2 weeks at a time. It’s not hard to figure out 14 meals.

2. I shop on the outside of the grocery store. starting in the produce, then meats then dairy. I may pick up some things from the frozen section. That’s it. No processed foods, If it needs to be cooked or processed I cook it so This way I know there are no unwanted ingredients like chemicals or sugars. Here is my

printable grocery list that will help you stay on track

3. I cook enough to have leftovers. This takes out the planning for lunch the next day and it’s always healthy so I’m not having to make quick decisions that usually end up unhealthy, and it saves you on the grocery bill. I eat for fuel. My body is a well-oiled machine so to speak, You wouldn’t run cheap fuel in your BMW, you would put the best fuel in it. Your body has to get you through your day, all day every day, It needs the best fuel too. Don’t get me wrong I do love the occasional sweet treat. But that’s just it. an occasional treat.


5. I make sure I get all my daily nutrition in one meal This also keeps my motor running so to speak. You see when you cut calories you also cut nutrition, Not intentional but it happens. I do this by Drinking Shakeology. It’s 100% real food, no chemicals. It has probiotics and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It reduces junk food craving and provides healthy energy that comes from eating real food. It also supports my digestive system and helps with regularity, VERY IMPORTANT!!

6 I take time every day to do something for me. Whether it’s reading a book or spending time playing with your dog. Make it something that brings you joy. I try to read at least 15 minutes, or even listen to a book. Everyone gets the same amount of time in one day. You need to fill your cup and be happy in order for you to be able to make others happy too. Here is a list of books I recommend to help get you and keep you centered and being a more motivated and creative person.

7. I move my body, I weight train because it strengthens and builds tone muscle around my bones. and I do HIIT training my workouts Both together are  30-40 minutes long 4 times a week. This is the Program I do. It’s called LIIFT4. But I didn’t start here, I started walking. If you’re starting out, Walk until you get into the habit of taking that time for yourself. you’ll know when you need to add more to your workouts


8 Drink lots of water, Staying hydrated is so important, It helps lubricate your joints boosts healthy skin and helps regulate the body temperature, flushes out the body waste, it helps the body process and use the vitamins and minerals that you take in. You should take in 1/2 your body weight in ounces, I weigh 130 lbs I should take in 65 oz of water. easy peasy!

9. I write 10 things I am grateful for every day. small things, big things whatever and whoever you are great full for. this way ai am always looking for blessings and not looking at the negative side of things. There are both good and bad out there, what do you spend your day looking for?



10 Now that you have done such great things for yourself. Do something for someone else. Buy someone a cup of coffee, open a door for someone that has full hands, Smile and say good morning. Make dinner for a special friend, Help them to be healthier too.




Please contact me if you have any questions I would be happy to hear from you.