staying motivated Believe and achieve.

Believe and achieve.

This is a collection of motivational quotes that I have put together for you. Each one has a significant meaning for me as I am sure some quotes mean things to you too.

I will be adding to this post often so please check back.

I will share what it means to me after each photo. If not interested scroll down and be motivated. Some days you just need some the motivation. It is true that your body achieves what your mind believes. If you don’t believe that you can do it, It won’t happen!!!!


This one has special meaning to me because when I first started on my fitness journey my life was falling apart. It was the only 30 minutes a day that I felt like I had any control over. Being strong was my only choice.

feeding or fighting

After watching my mother and father both fight cancer and friends of mine fight diabetes and high blood pressure, learning that what you eat can be a HUGE part of controlling these problems. Literally, this is the deal! You are feeding or fighting with everything you eat.

therapy lifting

It’s my therapy as I explained before but also a confidence builder when you see just how far your body can go if you push it. when you like what you see in the mirror and that wasn’t the case before. When you see how strong you can be, you start to love yourself.

fitness is achieved

Yup this says it all, When you work for it you will respect it.

live the life you create

How many times do things happen and you spend all your time working on the issue that the things you want to spend your time doing, you no longer have time to do.

I have to get up with intention and do the things that are most important to me right away, and part of that is meal planning and getting my workout in and reading my bible. Take an extra few minutes to create your life, The life you want to live.

fit over 50

This says it all, I want to be healthy and strong when I’m older. and that’s not far from now. This shows me it can be done, I don’t want to walk with a cane and fight disease and well ill just say it. I don’t want to look old. I want to be fabulous until the end!

think about your goals

This speaks to me because envisioning where you want to be is essential to getting there.

You have to be able to envision you are already there. What you want to feel like and look like.  You have heard the old saying act as if it is and it will be.

It works in the negative as well, If you believe you will be sick and broken, You will be.

It’s up to you.

If you are ready to get started on your healthy lifestyle today I have a 3 day Yoga guide for beginners.  and it’s yours today for free!




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