Benefits of Me Time

How I spend my “Me Time.”

I wake up an hour before I actually need to get up, not because I can’t sleep, but because I know that is the only time of day I can get to myself. My “me time”

Before I made the decision to get up early I didn’t seem to have enough time in the day. No time to spend with God or even a second to exercise. It was rush to get the kids ready, rush to make lunches, rush to get to work on time. Then work for 8 hours and rush to get things done in the evening. It was exhausting.

Then I decided I would get up just 15 minutes earlier and spend it talking with God. Hoping to get some answers for my life. Hoping to get some peace.  And this soon turned to 30 minutes,. and now it is an hour I cannot do without.

But I want to tell you the benefits of some “ ME TIME” and give you some suggestions to do with that time.

Taking time for yourself

1.Helps clear your mind

2.Improves your creativity

3.Resets your priorities

4.Improves your relationships

5. Let’s you reconnect with yourself



Not Everyone feels like they have the time, but we all have the same 24 hours in the day and it’s your choice on how you spend it.

Me time

1.Can be spent in Prayer, or meditation.

2.Can be spent gathering your thought and making to-do lists

3.Going for a walk or do some yoga

4. Do a craft or read a book.

5. Do some online shopping

6. Take a bath.

Sometimes just sitting quietly is all you need to change your stressful situation. Make a list of things that makes you happy. Then do them.


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