Building a firm upper body

Wondering how to get a more tone upper body? Here is 6 moves. 10 reps each 3 sets  Sounds simple enough, but man, your arms will be toast after completing 180 reps without a rest. Modify this workout to fit your ability level by using two- to 10-pound dumbbells. Use the same size dumbbell for all 10 exercises (I used ten-pounds), or switch between lighter and heavier weights depending on the move. If this is still too hard, do five reps for each move instead of 10.

You cant have firm sexy arms and not do a little shoulder work.

Shoulder shrugs  3 sets of 10


Shoulder press


Tricep kickback


Tricep extensions



Hammer curls


Bicep curls


Be sure to focus on the muscle being worked and dont just fling the weights, concentrate and challenge yourself. Remember if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.


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