Don’t be a Scale Slave.

Don’t be a Scale Slave.

Don’t be a scale slave!!!

It’s not always about the number on that 12×12 square that you should be worried about.

The reality is that number has nothing to do with your muscle tone.

In fact, some women have actually gained a pound or so when they are training, but you would never know it. Because muscle is denser them fat. ( heavier but smaller) look at this photo of 5 lbs fat vs 5 lbs muscle

Still not convinced? Think about this…. your skin has to stretch to get around the fat but it would not have to stretch to get around the muscle. because the muscle is supposed to be there.

Your waist could be shrinking and fat from your thighs could be shrinking and your muscles getting stronger. You can look very different and yet that scale will stay the same.

So if you feel good and look good why would you let that number on the scale determine how you should feel about yourself,

Let me explain to you why you should change your thought process on this.


These are the 4 Methods that I myself do in order to burn fat and build strength.

1st you need to know this is Not a quick fix!!!!!! not a low-carb diet. not a  yoyo diet. It’s a sustainable way of life. a lifestyle change

And you need to be ready to commit LONG TERM.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will that beautiful body be built in a day.

These BS programs that promise complete changes in 12 weeks are lies that the fitness industries have come up with to get you to buy their program.

only to let you down at the end because you somehow feel like your the one that failed.

Well, I’m not going to try and sell you some BS. I want you to succeed just as bad if not more than you do!! That’s why you need to listen and take notes.

This is the exact way to change your body compositions, burn away unwanted body fat, and get toned.

Use these methods and it will happen.


#1 Personalization to your body type.

You need to find out what is your body type, Everyone is different. Use this quiz to find out your body type.

You need to know this for getting your nutrition right. You don’t want to eat for someone else’s body.

Use the calculator, Its plug and play the numbers, just answer the questions the calculator does the work

Set goals: tone and shape or maintain and build

figure your macro #s Also broken down on the calculator.

Protein- is the building block.

Fat- supports your joints.

Carbs – is for energy.

#2  personalization on your workouts

The weight # doesn’t matter as long as it’s challenging enough to tear down the muscle.

The rest period is just as important to let it rebuild. These micro-tears and then rehealing are what makes your muscles grow both in size and strength.

Remember this

Lower reps and challenging weight = maintaining weight and building muscle 10 -12 reps

Higher reps and challenging weight = decreasing body fat and toning your muscle 15 reps

Challenging weight can be different depending on how you feel that day.

You don’t need endless amounts of cardio, I mean no long runs for hours

3) establishing the sustainability of proper adjustments

To avoid or break plateaus through phases every 3-4 weeks and knowing why your body feels the way it does

4) There is no way to shortcut this process you must trust this process.

I can help you with this and Identify the adjustments that need to be made.

you can start with figuring your own personalized goals

don’t spend any more time or money doing the wrong workouts or eating the wrong diet.


What’s next? 

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