Everything flavored cheese chips

Im always looking for a safe snack that,s not loaded with carbs. I tried this and I am hooked. These are super easy keto safe snacks, I make them and serve them fresh and warm.


all you need is sliced cheese,

I used

2 slices Colby jack cheese

2 slices Hot pepper cheese

everything bagel seasoning

Spray pam

Oven 400* bake 8 minutes


Spray muffin tin

Break slices in 1/4 pieces and lay each piece in a muffin cup. this will make uniform pieces

Sprinkle with everything seasoning

Place in oven for 8 minutes. watch closely so as not to over cook..

Serve immediately.


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  1. Mitzi says:

    Hi there! Such a nice write-up, thank you!

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