Food For thought.

I love food tips like this, Sometimes we don’t even think about what we eat. We just do. Here are some tips to eat with intention. Or not But think about what we put in our bodies.

Why you should eat your bananas extra ripe.


Don’t throw them out when they get dark spots. Fully ripe bananas with brown patches on their skin have a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor, (TNF) which can eliminate abnormal cells. The darker the patches the higher the bananas ability to boost your immunity

lower your risk of cancer.

Aids in better digestion,

Enhances your mood,

Builds stronger bones,

Helps blood pressure.

Should be bought Organic.

Honeys amazing benefitsHoney

Honey Has flavonoids, antioxidants, but virtually no fiber, fat or protein.

BUT It’s not just for bears, But they sure know what they are doing.

This yummy sweetness is great for:

Helping with Allergies

Naturally, boost our energy levels

Improve your memory

Treats your cough whether dry or wet

Acts as a sleep aid

Works as a sweetener, but doesn’t increase blood sugar levels

It’s Antibacterial

Should buy Organic and Raw


Benefits of CashewsCashews

Cashews are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.

Like Magnesium, copper, thiamin, iron proanthocyanidins

Rich in heart-healthy fats

They are also rich in protein

Boosts your immune system

Contains no cholesterol

Lowers your risk for heart disease

Great for your eyes

Great for your skin

Protects against cancer

Should be bought organic

Benefits of eating BlueberriesBlueberries

Blueberries are incredibly healthy and nutritious.

They are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese, the King of Antioxidant Foods

Reduce DNA damage

Protect against aging

reduced levels of oxidized LDL

Lowers blood pressure

Can improve memory

May reduce damaged muscles from strenuous exercise.

Be sure to buy organic

Benefits to eating KiwiKiwi, The wonderful fruit that helps in so many ways. They are full of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, and potassium. They also have a lot of antioxidants and are a good source of fiber.

Aids in Asthma

Aids in digestion

Boosts the immune system

Can help manage blood pressure

Reduces blood clotting

This food is on the 2019 CLEAN LIST, Wich means it does not have to be Organic

Benefits of eating Black BeansBlack Beans

These beautiful babies provide lots of soluble and insoluble fiber, folate, potassium, flavonoids, Prebiotics, and protein.

Helps you stay regular

Lowers bad cholesterol

Protects your bones

Improve your blood pressure

Helps fight cancer

And Anti-inflammatory

You can even use these as a meat replacement, Like Black bean burgers

Try to buy organic.





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