HIIT Challenge for Fat burning.

Have you ever wondered what HIIT training is all about? Ever wanted to try it? This could be such a treat for you. If you’re used to running or walking for a long time and you just don’t feel like your getting anywhere, you just may want to try HIIT.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training

Intervals or short bursts of high-intensity movements of your body matched by short rests. HIIT is extremely efficient and allows you to get a good workout in a limited amount of time, which is perfect for people with busy schedules. HIIT is an excellent fat burner and can-do wonders for your cardiovascular health as well as sculpt your muscles. AND HIIT has been shown to naturally increase human growth hormones in the body, which are essential for slowing down the aging process, fracture healing, stronger bones, and muscle strength.

Another benefit is that you don’t need equipment, just water, and a sweat towel. 🙂 you can do it anywhere. and it can be done in 20 minutes or less.

Heck yes sign me up!!

A good HIIT workout will work every part of your body including your core, lungs, and heart. Here is why. You go hard for 30 seconds and You’re resting is generally 30 seconds.  Some times less. When you work out like this, you’re switching back and forth between aerobic and anaerobic states. During these breaks, your body literally cannot take in oxygen fast enough or in quantities large enough to meet the demand of the work you’re doing. Your body switches to an anaerobic system that targets carbohydrates and calories instead. You’re not using oxygen at this point so your body won’t be able to sustain this work level for very long. Hense 30 seconds on 30 seconds off.

Most of the HIIT moves can be performed low impact simply by taking out the jump and adding a step, as in a burpee. You would step back and then back up.

Do this workout 3 times a week to start with and when you feel stronger add in the 4th day.

You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours between workouts to allow your body to recover.

Combined this workout and a Healthy whole food diet and you will get great results.

Here are the moves. shown regular and modified in the videos below

Here are the moves.

Hiit Challenge

challenge 1

Repeat 3 times should take you 18 minutes to complete. You have effectively worked every part of your body, including core, heart, and lungs.

That’s it your done! No equipment, no gym fees. The feeling you get when you have completed this workout is amazing, To know that you made it through, you are strong and healthy,

The videos are below showing the regular way as well as the modified way to do the moves. It is important to modify when needed. you will make progress much better when the moves are done right and there are no injuries. Don’t feel bad. I have been working out for 6 years now and I still have to modify. Generally, it just means taking the jump out or smaller moves.

Not only will you feel great but some other benefits of HIIT are.

  1. Your Metabolic rate is higher for hours after you finish exercising. Even more so the running.
  2. It can help you burn fat. one study found that people performing HIIT three times per week for 20 minutes per session lost 4.4 pounds of body fat in 12 weeks.
  3. You Can build muscle. Not as much if you were weight training. But some is better than none.
  4. HIIT can improve oxygen consumption. Traditionally, this is done with long sessions of continuous running or cycling at a steady rate. However, it appears that HIIT can produce the same benefits in a shorter amount of time.
  5. HIIT can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, primarily in overweight or obese individuals with high blood pressure.


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What’s next?

I started working out about 5 years ago and lost and maintained 30 lbs. loosing was the easy part keeping it off was the hardest, I have learned that it is a lifestyle change. That means it’s your lifestyle that needs to change too. Fitness has to be part of your life forever, not just as a weight loss tool but always.

Plateaus will also happen but don’t be discouraged. just tweak your nutrition and your workout routine and you’ll be on a roll again.

Planning and being prepared is the key to success. I started using Beachbody on demand to keep my workouts fresh, It is on my phone so where ever I am so are my workouts, on the beach, at work or traveling to another state.  and let’s admit it we always have our phone with us.

I have a personal trainer to lead me and teach me the correct form and timing. Then I get an embedded workout calendar with each workout that kept me on track and doing the right workout. It’s easy to get to the gym and forget what I need to do. I got the correct nutrition plan to go with it all so I am able to stay on track.

I get sneak peeks so I get to Try new programs before they launch. Available 24/7 Works on all devices, TVs, computers, and phones

My workouts are always fresh and most importantly I got the results I was looking for. Finally!!

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Here are your videos

1. Burpee 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds


2. High knees run 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

3. Jumping jacks 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

4. Bear crawl 30 seconds

Modified, make your movements smaller

Rest 30 seconds

5. Push-ups 30 seconds 

Rest 30 seconds

6. Mountain climber 30 seconds

Repeat this workout  3 times and your done,



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