Straight forward Suggestions The Secret, Can you really think things into existence?

The Secret, Can you really think things into existence?

The secret.


The Secret: can you really think things into existence?

Have you ever thought about your dreams ( how they look)  and your life (as you currently see it) and wonder. How in the world is this ever going to happen for me? These dreams are just way too big, I need to bring them back to reality. My life just doesn’t look like that.

Well, guess what. You are getting just what your think about it.  You think you won’t have it or cant have it and that’s just what you get… Let me explain.

Picture this…… You have a friend that is sick with something that is contagious and you have spent some time with her or him and now all of a sudden you have a headache, OH NO!!! Could it be that I now have what my friend has? Gosh, I can t seem to get rid of this headache, and now my stomach hurts, I think I’m gonna be sick… If you focus on these thoughts long enough you will attract just that. You will be sick.

What you spend Your time and energy thinking about is just what get.  Try it…

If you sat for a while and thought about a headache long enough you will start to get a headache,

BUT GUESS WHAT!!!! There is great news!! It works in just the opposite way too!

You see The law of attraction is a LAW you think it and feel it and attract it,

Let’s look at a more positive view.

You see a delicious chocolate cake at the store, You think wow that looks really good I can imagine how rich and creamy and smooth that cake tastes. with a big glass of milk or a nice cup of coffee.

You see it on your plate in the kitchen or in your comfy chair and you visualize yourself eating that delicious chocolate cake.  what are you doing? attracting it to you. Try it ..It may not happen in that same day but think and feel that for a short time and someone in your life or you will make that happen, This is small scale though.

 Why not use this same principle for bigger things? A better life? A healthier life. a Stronger body.

The law of attraction is not prejudiced. It doesn’t understand negative words like don’t and no. It only hears I want and is magnified to your feelings,

So don’t think and feel ” I don’t want to be sick,” or ” I want this fat gone” I don’t want all this debt.

you say ” I am healthy, I am strong.” You picture in your mind what you DO want to feel like, what you want to look like. how you will feel when you get that body that you long for, See it like you have it right now, and that’s what’s going to happen.

There are only 3 steps to The Secret :

  1. Ask If you think it, no matter how big or how small, That begins the process.
  2. Believe that you will get what you want,
  3. Receive: and feel the enjoyment of having what you ask for.

Nowhere in that list does it say worry about how you get it because guess what… That’s, not your job, You don’t worry about the logistics of it coming to you. That’s the universe’s job,

I have used this many times in my life and I wanted to share how it worked for me.

We had just lost our house due to bankruptcy and had to move into a small mobile home that was not very nice but the rent was cheap.

Our spirits were down and we needed something to look forward to, so We decided that we were going to go to Hawaii in 2 years….. WHAT??? we were broke and only one of us was working at the time. but I cut out a photo of my pink bathing suit and a beach that was in Honolulu and put that on my refrigerator. I saw it when I made all the meals and when I paid all the bills and I pictured us there on that beach in Honolulu, all my decisions were made around this trip that was going to happen in 2 years, I wanted it so bad I could feel it,

Come July 2019 that trip was about to happen and we had everything paid for down to that last detail, The Cruise, the flights, the excursions, the luau, the meals the car rentals, and we did not have a single thing on credit, In fact, we didn’t even own a credit card.

Due to covid, we couldn’t make the trip as all travel was stopped. But you know what else happened?  We got every penny back from the trip with no hassle and we used it to buy our dream camper.  which by the way was a photo on the fridge as well. and we have made so many great memories in that camper and are now planning to live on the road and work from the camper on the road.

So to answer the question.. The Secret: can you really think things into existence?

YES you can

The moral of this post is to give your hope and to give new life to your dreams, Ask, believe, and receive. It can and will happen!

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So do I still use this Secret today?

This is my current vision board.

My current vision board

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