9 Surprisingly easy time saving tips to help organize your day.

wpid-Photo-Jul-17-2011-940-PMLife can be hard to keep up with sometimes, and We all have those days where we feel like we are just trying to stay afloat from all the things we have to do, With cooking and cleaning and working and running errands. It feels like there is never enough time in the day for everything you need to get done. This kind of stress can be unhealthy.  Here are a few ways that I apply in my daily routine to help me.

  1.    Start your day with a few minutes of “me time”, Weather its to meditate or pray or read the paper and enjoy your coffee. When you start your day just a few minutes earlier in a relaxing way. Your mind is more likely to remain at peace. It helps you to focus on your blessings. I like to write 10 things that I feel like are a blessing to me. This focuses on the positives and not the negative. Taking this few minutes Helps you to concentrate which in turn helps you to be more productive.  Making you a stronger person in general.
  2. Exercise. In just 30 minutes a day.  not only can it help with weight loss but it will increase your energy level, reduce the risk of chronic disease but also helps you focus because endorphins are made and they help stimulate new brain cells and keep your brain young., Exercise helps you sleep better and helps you relax. Most of all It helps you feel like you did something great for your self and now there is more of you to go around, A sense of filling your cup 1st so that it can spill over. 30 minutes of your day is a small price for all these benefits.
  3. Set a routine. Decide what matters to you then make it a habit to do these at the same time every day. Like, get up at 5:30  have coffee till 6:30 get ready for work till 7am then make breakfast and pack meals till 7:30. allow enough time to get the stuff done that you need.  If you are not rushing you will have less stress. This way you get to choose how your day goes. not the other way around. You’ll get more done when you are organized and You will feel less rushed. your day will go smoother as you’ll soon be on autopilot and get more done.
  4. Do a brain dump on Sunday.  Sit down and make a to-do list. make it in detail so things do not get forgotten, Weather its weed the flowerbed or wash the dogs to mop the floor and dust, write it down. There are some things that get overlooked when you do your usual cleaning up like knocking down the cobwebs. doing this helps you create order and also prioritize.
  5. Delegate. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You do not need to do it all your self,  nor should you. Your to-do list will help you to quickly choose the tasks to delegate and there for making you more productive in the tasks that you do. Also helps in building the trust of the other person.  It can be as simple as taking out the trash or putting away the dishes. a few minutes here and there add up. Delegating also give you a chance to reward those that help you. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  6. Clean 1 room a day.  This is where your time is saved. When I clean I do it in detail. And if I only have to focus on one room a day its not overwhelming.  Today the bedroom, tomorrow the bathroom and the next day the kitchen and so on. There are 7 days in a week. This way the house is always picked up and you can select things off of your to-do list to complete when you get to that room. Like cleaning the ceiling fan and cleaning the window sills, Do this on the living room days. See what I mean. Just knowing I don’t have to do the whole house in one day is less stressful.
  7. Menu plan. I shop for 2 weeks at a time. and I am strategic as to what I put in the cart, I make sure that if I want to make chili that all the fixings are in the cart and if I want to make the salad all the stuff is in the cart. By making a menu you now have a list on the fridge of things you have. Saving you extra time and trips to the store. Saving your planning time and saves you money. Because you always pick up stuff you don’t need. Menu planning saves you time I promise.
  8. Plan your meals for the day. This is a double tip. When you make a healthy meal for dinner make enough for lunch the next day, This saves you time and money and ensures you are eating all meals healthy. Example, I make Meatloaf and broccoli for dinner, as I put the leftovers away I make a small bowl for lunch the next day, Healthy meal done, In the morning I only have to make my snacks and my breakfast and Boom All meals are done for the day, No running out later for lunch and stopping for fast food, and No going without because nothing sounds good.
  9.  Pay bills with a calendar. Bills day, Transfer day, Balance day. Payday. whatever you call it. I do this twice a month. I get paid BI weekly and I pay the bills that are due towards the end of the month on the first pay of the month. So my electric bill gets paid on around the 1st but is not due until the 15th, This way all bills are paid on time and the money is always there. When you live on a budget this job can be one of the most important and time-consuming because stress can carry on all day long. Stick with the budget even if you think you can’t or don’t need too, Remember mayhem happens. Planning ahead helps you prepare.

Remember some will work for you some will not but small changes will add up.



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