Tips for staying healthy while you travel

Tips for staying healthy while you travel

Ever dream of traveling the world? or just going on a simple vacation and wonder how you can stay healthy doing it? I mean traveling is supposed to be good for you, Rest and relaxation and no worries, right?

I can’t tell you the numerous trips that I have come back from that I have absolutely blown both my diet and my fitness just by letting it all go, But I learned that there is nothing worse than that feeling of having to start over and get back on track after having neglected your self on the very trip that was supposed to be so good fo you.

  • Well, I am here to tell you it can be done. You don’t have to blow your diet or your pocketbook or be so stressed out when you travel. Traveling can and should be part or you like. see what this great big world is about.

My husband and I love to travel whether its Camping or cruising or going to the beach we are always doing something, So I had to learn how to do all this I am going to share with you.

     1. PLAN AHEAD. Sounds simple right? Well let me tell you the saying “plan to succeed or you can plan to fail” is the truth right here. Either way, you have to make a plan so plan your meals ahead, if you’re going for 4 days or even a week. Plan to make all your meals so you know what you will be eating and you know you’ll have what you need. This way you’re not just grabbing something on the way and getting stuck eating fast food. Be sure to carry a snack with you in your bag.

2. REST you don’t have to run and plan every minute of your travels. Take some time to rest and enjoy the sunrise or sunset.have coffee by the campfire.

3. DONT FORGET ABOUT YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE Mix your workout with sightseeing. Go for a walk or bike ride or better yet do a HIIT workout, It’s free and you use your own bodyweight so its always with you.

4 STAY HYDRATED people often mix hunger with thirst. drink your water so you don’t get fatigued.

5 STRETCH IT OUT you’ll be stiff from riding in the car all day or standing in line. take the time to stretch. Youll feel so much looser and ready to go.

6 CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL AND SWEET DRINKS. Alcohol and non-alcoholic sweet drinks are packed with EMPTY calories. Keep your calorie count and sugar intake lower by drinking water instead. Or alternate one water one beverage. Not to mention, alcohol also disrupts your sleep. Of course, you’re away from work and want to enjoy a drink or two on your vacation; yes, that’s fine – the key here is to consume in moderation.

  7 TAKE YOUR VITAMINS ANS MINERALS It can be difficult to eat a healthy balanced meal with all the essential vitamins when traveling so take your daily multi-vitamins to supplement your meals.

8 EAT YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES this will also help with the previous suggestion of making sure you get your vitamins.

9 PROTECT YOUR SKIN. Protect your skin from being outdoors by wearing sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15. Reapply every two hours if you can. If you’re visiting an area with a large population of mosquitoes and insects, be sure to wear insect repellent to prevent bites.





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