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Where the heck do I start on my fitness journey?

Does this sound like you?

You live a mostly sedentary life.

Your joints hurt.

You know you need to do something but you also know you cant just start picking up weights and moving them around, The last thing you want to do is dance, or jump on boxes, or climb ropes.

I mean who has the energy.

Not all of us are in good enough shape to begin working out immediately and to see the results that we desire in no time. This is especially true for those among us who are overweight, underweight or those who do not get involved in any sort of physical activity for longer periods of time. After all, many of us have jobs that require sitting on a desk for lengthy periods of time. Some barely getting up to make a meal
The challenge of physical limitations may also be very real for those who are handicapped or have an injury.
The best solution for this challenge would be to acknowledge and accept whatever limitations that you have. Workaround these limitations in order to get the result that you desire.
It would be important to reach out to a doctor or physical therapist to see what form of exercise he/she recommends to you. Once you have a planned routine, begin implementing it slowly and gradually. It might take time to ease into your new habit, but once you do, you may simply find a great amount of pleasure in it.
In case you have an injury, make sure not to do exercises that can make your injuries worse. In this case, you will need some moderate form of exercise with plenty of nutrients and rest.


Where the heck do you start??

With the basics. There are some basic movements that we all need to do on a daily basis.

Bending and lifting, you do this every day. From tying your shoes or picking up your grandkids, or boxes

or just getting out of a chair.

Single leg movements, going upstairs, lunging, shutting the car door with your hands full.

Pushing, a shopping cart, closing a door, reaching to put something on a shelf.

Pulling, moving a chair, lifting a heavy object, performing yard work such as raking or weeding or pulling a suitcase.

Rotation. We bend, twist, and rotate arms, legs, and heads. More times than you can count in just one day.

These are all the movements you should concentrate on when you first start your fitness lifestyle.

As you can see by the photos these are movements that go into everyday life. You may not have trouble with these movements right now, but in times when you are more sedentary, they get harder to do.

You need to make sure that you can do all these moves before you add any weight to your routine.

Start out with your own body weight.

Once we get these movements down (which won’t take long) you’ll be ready to move on to the next level.

Start here and start now!

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From there who knows maybe you want to run a marathon or build your body and compete, But if not that’s ok too.

You’ll be so much stronger and so much better about yourself.

Now you can use your strength to manage your weight because strong muscles burn more calories than weak muscles,

Strength training may enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Strength training can also protect your joints from injury.


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