Why you need a challenge group

A Challenge Group is an online fitness challenge, usually held in a private Facebook group, where a coach is helping people with three things: Exercise, Nutrition, and Support.

19225935_10155604770639560_4043183886869285474_n1) Exercise.  With a Challenge Group, you’ll be working through home fitness programs which I use all beachbody workouts as they are the best in the industry and have proven results. They are easy to follow and must have a different workout every day. For many people, it’s been life-changing.

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2) Nutrition. 70% of your success will come from proper nutrition. Fortunately, Challenge Groups have that covered as well. Shakeology is the most important supplement I take. It’s a meal replacement shake made from whole-food sources, packed with antioxidants, superfoods, pro/pre-biotics, and much more. The meal keeps me from having cravings, replaces my multivitamin, helps with digestion, and perhaps best of all, tastes fantastic.

challenge Group3) Support. Challenge Groups generally consists of 6-10 participants who want to go through a home fitness program. Usually, everyone is doing the same program, though not always. So the encouragement is genuine because the others are doing it as well.

4) other benefits include Motivation, Making new friends that you have common ground with. Tips and tricks for meals and snacks and most importantly Accountability.

Accountability is crucial when going through any kind of exercise program, let alone a home fitness program as challenging as these. Get a group all doing the same thing at the same time, encouraging one another and holding each participant accountable, and you have a key ingredient to success. Not only will the group support each other but the coach will also provide one on one help, answer questions, encourage and motivate, and check in to monitor your success.


I have a challenge group starting soon and would love for you to join me.

My next group is starting soon. Learn how to eat clean and become a healthy and more energetic version of you!



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